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We understand that our strength lies in the ability to meet the consumer's demands and give them satisfaction. The respective ability exists when all of our employees produce good teamwork. People are our strength is one pillar of our corporate values. We treat all of our employees with care, appreciation and respect as we do to our consumers.


All employees of Kalbe Nutritionals have a high working competence. Our employees competence has always been carefully and continuously developed through the recruitment process, and various training, and development programs. New employees are required to join NEOP (New Employee Orientation Program) in order to become familiar with the information of business and the knowledge of Kalbe Nutritionals products.


Every employee is spurred on to be creative, innovative, and to be a top performers at work. The synergy among employees with skills, motivation and high integrity is the key to success for Kalbe Nutritionals.


Meticulous analysis is conducted constantly to determine and plan the types of training needed by each unit. The purpose of this process is to help our employees get their work done in a much easier and faster way and still maintain excellent results.


At Kalbe Nutritionals, being aware of the significance of high quality health nutrition for human life has been the basis from the very formation of the company. Socialization and internalization programs are held so that every employee shares the same mission and vision. This enables us to provide the best products to the consumers. This living corporate culture is what has made Kalbe Nutritionals a trusted company, with standards of excellence over the years.


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